Saturday, March 16, 2013

Debt Collectors ALWAYS Commit Fraud!

I constantly proclaim that you should never, ever pay a 3rd party debt collector.  I sure hope many of you listen to me.  It doesn't mean that they will just go away. Sometimes, yes they will.  But there are times when you will have to fight.  If you don't fight, if you don't demand validation, you are not going to win.  We need to stop being afraid of these thieves and fraudsters.  Demand they provide the proof that they have the right to collect. Demand that they prove you owe any money. Demand that they prove they have a valid contract with you.  THEY DON'T!! 

I don't go into extremes on this blog about my opinions on original creditors because plenty of people would think I'm nuts or have gone off the deep end.  Well, here's the the facts for me.  You don't help people with their credit repair and help improve their credit reports for over 2 decades and become extremely successful without researching and studying and digging into areas that the financial industry would rather you not find out about, without turning up proof after proof after proof that validates the facts of their outrageous, criminal behavior.  

I have done the research.  I still do the research. I love researching, and I apply what I learn. Guess what?  When I apply it to validation and dispute letters, when I apply it to my clients' case defenses when they get sued, these lying, thieving, law violating, tax cheating, insurance law breakers and fraudsters hit the road! They have to.  They don't want to be exposed for the thugs that they are. They are in violation of many federal laws. Harassment, extortion, RICO Act, mail fraud, bank fraud, FTC violations, FDCPA violations, FCRA violations...the list goes on and on.

I don't usually post videos, because I like to write and share information from my heart and soul with you.  I do have a passion for this.  But, today, this video falls right in line with my passion for justice, truth, and consumer advocacy.  I'm not a loon, and the gentleman on the video is not a loon.  This video shows how original creditors sell your alleged "debt" and how they and the 3rd parties make money whether or not you "pay off" the alleged debt.  You will hear from an actual bank employee who is in charge of selling these "bonds" (yes, they illegally convert to securities which create the "bonds"), and he admits, flat out acknowledges the fraud, without calling it fraud, of course! If you have about 20 minutes to visit here, please relax and watch the video.  It will be an eye opener for many of you.  

Please Enjoy!

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