Sunday, May 21, 2017

Judgments Don't Belong On Your Credit Reports

I am of the firm belief that most derogatory items that are on your credit reports don't belong on there.  You see, if you dispute an item, the credit reporting agencies are required to verify the item.  I wrote in a post quite a while back that verification is only hearsay unless it is accompanied by validation or proof of claim, which would be the documentation.  I'm not just pulling this stuff out of my ear. No, there is case law to back up what I'm saying.

Also, verification according to Black's Law Dictionary is Sworn Testimony.  This testimony can be in a deposition, on the witness stand, or an affidavit, sworn under penalty of perjury and under oath, and notarized. Who can testify?  Only someone with first hand knowledge. Only someone who has the documentation to support the testimony and the testimony that supports the documentation.  This is how it works. One without the other is hearsay and according to the courts, it's incompetent and inadmissible.

Now back to credit bureaus claiming something is verified. Have you disputed something and they said it was verified?  Did they provide any documentation?  Did they send you the sworn affidavit testifying to the accuracy?  Hmmm, I'm guessing for everyone that has disputed with the bureaus the answers are Yes, No, and No again!

Have you disputed a judgment and you know it's not accurate?  The amounts are not always accurate. The dates they report are not accurate, usually.  But bigger than those things, is the fact that they come back claiming "Verified" when there are only 3 entities that can verify according to Black's Law Dictionary and case law directly from quite a number of courts. You can verify it - and surprisingly many people actually unintentionally do that when they dispute a judgment. The plaintiff can verify it. And the court/judge has the capability to verify it but that is against the law for them to communicate with the bureaus regarding a specific consumer/case.  In fact, Equifax got slammed a little over a year ago in Chakejian v. Equifax and the court said they cannot claim the court or any government agency furnished information or verified information pertaining to a public record.

The bureaus don't get their information from the courts and plaintiff's don't furnish public record information nor do they verify it with the bureaus. What credit bureaus do is hire a 3rd party "vendor" to check the courts' public records and they furnish it and they claim to verify it. Wait a minute!  Do you see the words "3rd party?" Now remember what the courts and Black's Law Dictionary said about verification?  A 3rd party can't legally claim to verify anything because they lack 1st hand knowledge. They're not even qualified to be furnishing the information!

So, now you know why I'm saying that judgments don't belong on your credit reports.  If you have a default judgment, that is considered a "Void Judgment" because  the court lacked jurisdiction.  If you were sued by a 3rd party collector, they lacked and will always lack Personal Jurisdiction over you. No jurisdiction, no valid judgment! 

Of course, if you fought the lawsuit and didn't fight it properly, they will have a judgment against you because you didn't challenge jurisdiction properly and you didn't word things properly in your response and/or testimony in the case.  If you didn't challenge jurisdiction, you gave them jurisdiction and the courts generally are biased and favor the plaintiff.  You have to say the right things and word things properly and challenge properly and effectively in order to win.

It's the same thing when disputing with the bureaus.  You can fight the judgment and dispute and challenge the judgment with the bureaus, but they are liars, cheats, lawbreakers, and are biased in favor of the companies that pay them.  Judgments should come off easily because they cannot truly be verified. But if the language is not correct, its a 50/50 shot.

There are things you can do in preparation for disputing and I've talked about that on other posts.  These things will give you a little more leverage and help you get them removed.  But if you want someone with over 30 years of experience, who knows the exact verbiage that has given me a 100% success rate of removing the judgments from credit reports, contact me.  I can help you get them off.  I can help remove your judgments whether they are paid or not. Usually after doing some prep work, they come  off with the first dispute. Occasionally the bureaus push back a bit and we have another go at it but as of the date of writing this article, the success rate is 100%.

I want to help you remove these judgments from your credit reports. If you're running out of time to remove these or have been told pay a judgment showing on your credit reports in order to get a car or mortgage or a place to live, or a job, or a promotion, I know how to get them off your reports quicker than most companies, and quicker than disputing it on your own.  The verbiage I use is effective. It is proprietary. It works.

Call or email me today so I can help you get these off your reports and on with your life.  7 years is too long to suffer because the bureaus prefer to be thugs to consumers than to aid them with accurate, verified reports.  Fighting for 6 - 12 months or longer to get the bureaus to remove them when you need to close escrow in 45 days is too long. Let me help.  It's what I'm good at, what I'm passionate about, and I want you to be able to get the things you need that these judgments on your reports are preventing you from attaining.

My phone number is 951-801-2828 and my email address is Contact me right away to allow me to help you start getting your life back.

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  1. Hello Shannon,

    I have about 9 collections on my credit report that is passed the SOL. With the new credit boost happening on July 1st, should I send letters telling the companies to C&D? Or should I wait to see if they fall off July 1st?

    1. Hi Monique,

      I can tell you that just because the CRA's say they will be putting new policies into practice in July, doesn't mean they will do it. They need a kick in the pants to do what they are supposed to do. I wouldn't wait or hold my breath that they will come off.

      I've been waiting for 2 years to finally do things they claimed back in 2015 to do. I still see those items on credit reports.

      Send them all letters telling them that these are all SOL and that they have 1 chance to remove them from your reports and get out of your life before you sue them. They are violating state laws and federal laws as well.


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