Friday, January 4, 2013

Credit Bureau Things That Make You Say Hmmm!

Today I just want to ramble a bit about some thoughts that have been swirling around in my mind.  I was laying in bed this morning and, [since I actively help a lot of people by writing letters to help them fix their credit], credit repair, collectors, creditors and credit bureaus are on my mind often.  So, as I lay there in bed, I was thinking about one of my clients who Experian has been obnoxiously in violation of the law on.  They keep refusing to send him his report.  This made me spin into a deeper train of thought.

Sometimes I think I can be like a little kid that always has to question everything. Why?  Why this or why that?  The credit bureaus are like the parents with the annoying answer - "Because I said so".  My "why" thought was this:  Credit bureaus are not government agencies, no, they are privately owned and publicly traded companies.  Your social security number is only supposed to be given to state Departments of Motor Vehicles (don't get me started on that one!), tax authorities (yeah, don't get me started on that one either), welfare offices and other governmental agencies.  So, why do they get to have access to my personal, private, sensitive, protected information? 

Did you know that Social Security Numbers are only supposed to be issued to Federal Employees for use only in performance of official duties, they are owned by the federal government and is only "yours" while you are a public officer on official business?  Here are some facts from the IRS:  

1. Social Security Numbers can only be issued to federal "employees" for use only in the performance of their official duties. See 20 CFR §422.104.

2. The Social Security Number is the property of the government and not you. Therefore, it can't be "yours" unless you are a public officer on official business. See 20 CFR §422.103[ d].

3. The SSN is issued to the federal "public officer" and not to the man, and then only while he is an agent of the federal government.

4. Anyone who uses a Social Security Number who is NOT a federal employee acting on official commercial, government business is guilty of impersonating a federal "employee", which is a crime. See 18 U.S.C. §912.

5. You can only use it in connection with a "public purpose", and not a private purpose. It is illegal and a crime to use or abuse the SSN for a private or personal use. This is called embezzlement or conversion, and it is a criminal violation of 18 U.S.C. §641 and 18 U.S.C. §654.

6. Everything connected to the SSN becomes "public property" because the SSN can only be used in connection with a "public office" or federal employment.

7. The private man was never issued an SSN if he is not acting as a federal "employee". Therefore, he can honestly answer "NO" in response to the question of whether he was ever issued an SSN if he is not acting as a federal "employee" or agent.

Did you read numbers 4 and 5? Oh, heck, did you read them all?  So WHY do the credit bureaus get to have that information and WHY are we forced to use this number illegally to live our daily lives?  I mean, you can't easily open a bank account without one. You can't apply for and receive credit without one. They sometimes want to know it when you write a check. You can't turn on utilities without one unless you pay big security deposits, uh and same for cable companies.  WHY????

Okay, here's another "why" I've been mulling over in my head.  Have you ever noticed that consumer laws (FCRA) and even the bureaus themselves claim this is "YOUR" credit report?  It doesn't belong to them, it belongs to you.  So, WHY do they get to allow Whatever on YOUR credit report?  If it is "MY" credit report, I think they should have to get "MY" approval for anything a credit furnisher wants to put on "MY" report.  "I" should get to say, "Yeah, go ahead and put that on there" and "Nope, no way, I'm not authorizing that or allowing you to put that on my report".  Its "MY" stinking report!!  I should get to say yes or no!

I know that the reports are supposed to aid lenders and creditors in their decision of whether or not to extend credit to an applicant. But, there are so many errors on them and so many entities (think 3rd party collectors) that have no business reporting and fouling up one's credit report, that sometimes they do more bad than good.  Just think, if we didn't have to worry about credit reports anymore, wouldn't identity theft be extremely reduced?  Of course, the downside of that for me is that I wouldn't have any more credit repair clients....hmmmm.

Sometimes I wish I was rich.  Not like the morons running the country call rich - $250k/yr, nah, that's not hard to be that "rich". At least like Oprah or Bill Gates rich.  Then again, no, I want to be more sick rich. Insanely, disgustingly, absurdly, morbidly, vomitably (is that a word?) rich like the Rothchilds or the Vatican, or the British Crown - yeah, that rich!!  Here's a why for you.  Why? Because then I would have more than enough money to just sue the collectors and sue the bureaus and sue the banks that create fraudulent loans and credit for all of my clients. That way, when I write letters and they blatantly ignore the laws they are supposed to adhere to and comply with, I can just drag 'em into court and be done with them!

Well, that's is my rant for today.   Thanks for reading it. I hope you enjoyed it, I hope you learned something, and I hope it makes you think in ways you maybe haven't thought before.  

Feel free to leave comments below. And please, if you have questions about credit repair, leave a comment and I will try to write a post just for you to answer your questions.  I like doing that. It inspires me when I can help others.


  1. Since all "Legal Names" need to be certified/registered to "do business" and to "legally" enter into "contracts" or to even have so-called "standing" in court, why not certify/register the "Legal Name" as a business entity "For Public or Charitable Purpose", and then "step-back" and just be a 3rd party beneficiary with a certain "Interest" in State owned and held "Intellectual Property"?? Let the REAL "Trustees"(Government) do their job as "Receivers in Bankruptcy", and stop "meddling" in government matters!!

    1. TM, I like the way you think. You are absolutely correct. I don't get into too much of this line of thinking because it throws a lot of people off. The truth is that the 11th Amendment of our Constitution gives us the right to not be sued. Why? Because we are not corporate entities and they are. They are "foreign states" and all courts are administrative. They are bringing a claim upon which relief cannot be granted because they HAVE to use administrative process and as human beings, we have no "administrative department" for which to handle their bogus claims. Then, you have the Federal Reserve Act which does not allow any of us to use FRNs which means we have no way to pay. We are not allowed to use gold and silver, we are not allowed to use FRNs, there is no way to pay their claim. The only legitimate way to actually pay their claim is to A4V them, which is what you were leading into, I'm pretty sure. There is also congressional testimony, on the record, substantiating the A4V process. So they can kiss my grits regarding thinking that any human being should pay them anything!


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