Wednesday, September 19, 2007

How To Get Bad Credit

Most people living in the United States with a social security number have had messed up credit at one time or another in their life. This includes me! I ‘ve gone from great credit to crappy credit, back to great credit again and so forth. Situations happen in everyone’s lives that cause our credit files to get all screwed up. It’s not just about being irresponsible. It wasn’t in my case, but it sure looked like it when you saw my credit!

I don’t actively condone not paying bills. But, much of the blame for credit issues are the creditors’ fault. I’m not only talking about extending too much credit for someone who couldn’t possibly make the payments on the full limit, or part of the limit for that matter. I’m talking about excessive interest rates, sneaky ploys to cause payments to be late, over the limit fees, especially the ones that their own fees are what put you over the limit! Conditions like having to pay by 12 noon EST to get your payment posted the same day!

I’m sure you’ve noticed that when you’re hurting financially and need to have some credit to get by or get on your feet, that’s when the whole business of credit is against you. The people who could benefit the most from some credit leeway are the ones that get rejected and penalized, while the ones with decent income, cash flow and credit can get more and more and more.

It really pisses me off. That’s one of the reasons that I decided to help others repair their credit. The bureaus and FTC like to say you can’t repair your credit. They like to say that accurate information has to stay on 7 to 10 years. Those statements are so twisted. They are half truths, worded into a way of making you feel helpless. The truth is, you can remove bad credit! The laws regarding credit are written to protect us, the consumer, not the publicly traded companies that are credit bureaus, pretending to be official government agencies.

Bad credit doesn’t have to stay on 7 to 10 years. It doesn’t even have to be reported! The law really is, bad credit cannot stay on your credit for more than 7 to 10 years! Accurate entries on your report can only stay on your credit report if they are 100% accurate, and I mean 100% accurate!

This is why credit repair works! The law allows for information that is not completely accurate to be removed! Come back soon for more truths and tips about credit repair.

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  1. Finally! This is the most shoot you strait information on credit repair that I've ever heard. I've been looking around for years. Where have you been Shannon? Anyway, thanks for starting this post. I'm yours!


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